About Us


Amol Pharmaceuticals is a supplier of premium nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Based out of Jaipur, India, Amol Pharmaceuticals is part of a group of companies that custom manufacture ingredients and finished products for an international clientele. Amol Pharmaceuticals has three marketing and procurement offices located in Jaipur, Mumbai, and New Delhi. The parent company, US Pharma Lab, is headquartered out of North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.

The company has three contract manufacturing facilities located in Jaipur. These US FDA inspected, ISO9001 and NSF cGMF certified facilities are fully equipped with the latest in manufacturing equipment. The modern plants manufacture a variety of custom tablets, capsules, powders, and granulations. Each order is processed for accuracy and compliancy with US FDA regulations.

As a global turnkey operation, Amol Pharmaceuticals offers a variety of packaging solutions. The systematized organization of the warehouse allows for easy accessibility to a wide variety of bottles and canisters, ensuring the timely fulfillment of each order. With efficient packaging, blistering, canistering, and cartoning lines, Amol Pharmaceuticals accommodates any packaging requirement needed.

Part and parcel of being in a rapidly evolving industry, the company keeps ahead of the frequently changing governmental policies that affect the trade. By effectively managing the development and manufacturing of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products that meet strict standards for compliance, Amol Pharmaceuticals is the right partner for those who need the best in formulation science.

A Global Enterprise


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Amol Pharmaceuticals is the south Asian extension of US Pharma Lab, a global operation that employs over 600 professionals in eight different US FDA audited and NSF cGMP certified facilities located within the United States, India, and China.

Ashok Luhadia, a pioneer of the generic drug industry, founded the parent company, US Pharma Lab, in 1996. By striving to meet the technological and scientific needs of the industry, Amol Pharmaceuticals has secured its position as a leading manufacturer and exporter of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products around the world.