Contract Testing Services

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The chemical and microbiological laboratories include Mass Spectrometry and chromatographic capabilities:

► 40 High Performance Liquid Chromatographs
► 6 Gas Chromatographs
► Mass Spectrometers
► 2 GC-MS
► 1 ICP-MS
► Walk-In Stability Chambers for Short & Long Term Analysis
► Biochemistry and Immunoassay Analyzers
► For Nutritional Values – Chemical Method
► Microbiological Screening

Testing Capabilities

The Analytical Science Division within Amol Pharmaceuticals has ISO IEC 17025 (NABL) certified labs for testing pharmaceutical products, herbal products, food, and dietary supplements.

► HPLC- Tests for Purity and Strength of Raw Material. In-Process, Finished Products
► ICP-MS/ICP’S – For Single Mineral and Multi Mineral Testing / Heavy Metal Testing
► GC-MS/GC’S – Monitors Residual Solvents and Residual Pesticides
► AAS for Single Mineral and Multi Mineral Testing
► PSL determines Irradiated Materials
► UV-VIS and FTIR SPECTROPHOTOMETERS to Test and Identifiy Purity and Strength of Raw Material, In-Process and Finished Product
► HPTLC -Develops Finger Printing for Herbal Extracts/Ensures Batch-to-Batch Quality Consistency in Herbal Formulations
► NEAR IR ANALYZER Determines Nutritional Fact Value
► STABILITY CHAMBERS Conducts Accelerated and Real Time Stability
► MICROBIOLOGICAL Testing lab Monitors Microbes of RM – Finished Products, Water, Equipment and Environmental
► FTIR – for Identification of Raw Materials and Finished products