We focus our services around four key capabilities. Our manufacturing facility is a 50,000 square foot space where we use our high-speed manufacturing equipment to produce millions of capsules and tablets. Our ingredient listings are composed of various botanicals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other specialty ingredients that we have granulated through our propriety process to overcome common formulation hurdles.

We are a full service packaging and labeling facility as well, providing bottles, cartons, canisters, and blister packs. And in addition to all of that, we offer a variety of forms for our finished products, including oral-dissolving tablets, softgels, and capsules.

US Pharma Lab’s procurement department is global by design, having offices in Shanghai, Mumbai, Delhi, and New Jersey.



Read about our 500,000 square foot facility and what we produce out of it.

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Delivery Forms

Everything from try-layer and bi-layer tables, as well as tablets, capsules, softgels and more.

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Value Added Ingredients

Various botanicals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other specialty ingredients.

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Packaging & Labeling

We're a full-service operation fulfilling all of your packaging and product labeling needs.

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