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Amol Pharmaceuticals is a leading supplier of quality nutritional ingredients to the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical, and personal-care industries. We excel in the sourcing and granulation of herbals, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and a variety of specialty ingredients.

High Shear Granulator is capable to intensive mixing, moistening, dispersing and wet granulating at very high speed. High Shear Granulator is specifically designed to meet the GMP requirements of the pharmaceutical industry providing full draining , no corners or product buildup points facilitating cleaning convenience.

The company offers an extensive list of nutritional ingredients. Our Procurement Department has built solid relationships with a handful of reputable raw material suppliers from around the world. Each batch of US Pharma Lab’s ingredients can be traced back to their origin. Due to meticulous record keeping, we are able to provide reliable information for each batch received from the original supplier.

Once a batch of raw materials enters the building, it goes through a series of rigorous steps to meet strict quality requirements and safety regulations. Our Analytical Labs and fully-equipped Micro Labs house the most up-to-date instrumentation guaranteeing verifiable assays.