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An International Turnkey Operation That Provides Full-Service Packaging Solutions

As a full-service operation, Amol Pharmaceuticals expertly accommodates the packaging and labeling requirements for finished nutraceutical and pharmaceutical dosage-forms. Technicians work diligently to provide the custom packaging needed to help round out the branding of a product. With a variety of bottles, canisters, and boxes to choose from, the company streamline the most unique of packaging requirements creating consistent and uniform branding. Our packaging equipment includes:

► Packaging lines for Strip Packing (4)
► Packaging lines for Blister Packing (Alu/PVC and Alu/Alu ) (4)
► Bottling lines (3)
► Sachet Filling & Packing (1)
► Tin Filling & Packing (1)

The procurement department works with a select number of printers experienced at supplying 4/C labels and boxes. The sales associates ensure that each label and box is approved by the client before going to press. The final result is a custom finished product distinct in formula and design.

Blister Packs