Research and Development

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Amol Pharmaceuticals has more than 20 years of experience in providing custom formulations to a list of clientele from around the world. The company is a reliable ingredient manufacturer that specializes in producing Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical blends. Whether the need is the creation of a brand new formula or the reformulation of an existing one, Amol Pharmaceuticals ensures the delivery of a final product with consistent batch to batch quality, ease of formulation, and scale up advantages over competing technologies.

The R&D scientists understand the importance of the product development process and carefully analyze the properties and requirements of each ingredient before a formula is written. This helps to optimize the processing parameters and variables by using an enhanced QBD (Quality by Design) approach to product development along with a systematic evaluation.

The company’s core strength is to develop directly compressible granulations and premixes with increased flow-ability, excellent content uniformity, reduced segregation of blended components, and improved properties during compression. Fundamental measurable characteristics such as Angel of Repose, Carr’s Index and Hauser’s Ratio are used in practical equation forms to evaluate the flow property characterization.

These high-performance ingredients provide:

► Uniform Particle-Size Distribution
► Lot-to-Lot Quality Consistency
► Assay-Verified Documentation
► Reproducible Flow Behavior
► Low-Moisture Content

With no need for additional weigh-outs or wet granulation steps, Amol Pharmaceuticals provides stable, free-flowing granulations that are ready to be used in multiple sold-dosage forms.